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zoo: citizens get a taste of nightlife at the zoo | Indore News

Indore: Excitement seemed evident among animal lovers who post the zoo‘s public operating hours entered the premises to witness the nightlife inside the premises on Saturday.
These excited animal lovers who visited the zoo for the first time in the late evening seemed extremely excited and their enthusiasm could be seen throughout.
‘Zoo Snooze’ a unique walk to experience the nightlife and activities that take place after the Zoo closes in the late evening.
While the zoo siesta was first held last year amid the pandemic and proved to be a huge success, hence the Indore Zoo of the Animal Rehabilitation and Welfare Front ( ARPF) was planning to prosecute him, zoo curator and head of education Nihar Parulekar told TOI.
Along with educating the attendees about all the nocturnal animals present inside the zoo, these attendees were also told about the stories and incidents that the zoo has witnessed in the past.
Feeding the carnivores is not a usual sight as it is done late at night and most of the youngsters were very excited to witness it.
Among the fed carnivores that were provided for visitors, participants divided into different batches saw tigers, including black, white and orange tigers, and lions.
Among the nocturnal animals, they also spotted sloth bears, elephants, leopards, civets, porcupines, hyenas, crocodiles, gharials and wolves.
Naisha Dua, the youngest participant of five years in the event, was extremely excited for this different walk at the zoo.
Participants were strictly instructed not to give notice, use their mobile phone flashlight or torch to ensure the animals are not disturbed, making it equally exciting and apprehensive for everyone. TNN