Which Berkeley City Council members endorse Jesse Arreguín for mayor?

As members of the Berkeley City Council representing various neighborhoods, we don’t always agree on everything. But there’s one thing we all agree on: Mayor Jesse Arreguín is a capable and dedicated leader, a great colleague, and an outstanding mayor for Berkeley. Not only is he Berkeley’s top candidate for mayor in 2020, he’s the only qualified candidate to lead our city – and our city council – for the next four years.

We invite you to join us in supporting the re-election of Mayor Arreguín.

Mayor Arreguín is a dedicated and hardworking leader, who faces crises with effective action and makes significant progress on important long-term goals.

Over the past four years, under the mayor’s leadership, Berkeley has successfully responded to a series of emergencies, including the extraordinary public health and economic crises caused by COVID-19. His leadership is essential to keeping our community safe. We have flattened the curve of this pandemic and averted the tragic outbreaks and high death rates seen in other communities.

To ensure no one is left behind, Mayor Arreguín launched the Berkeley Relief Fund the same day the shelter-in-place was declared, raise $4.4 million sustain local businessesarts organizations and tenants at risk. He co-authored important legislation to open our streets to restaurants and outdoor retail and expand access to low-interest loans, and helped develop policies to safely reopen businesses. And the activities.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and renewed calls for fairness and justice, Mayor Arreguín has pledged to place Berkeley at the forefront of reinventing public safety. He quickly launched a process to study best practices and consult with the community to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all residents, eliminate racial disparities and expand mental health and care crisis response capabilities. -shelter – so our police can focus on preventing and solving real crimes. .

Under the mayor’s leadership, we’re also making real progress in addressing the city’s biggest long-term challenges. We are paving the way for affordable housing projects and have relocated hundreds of homeless neighbors. We have increased emergency financial assistance to help residents at risk of becoming homeless. None of this would have been possible without Mayor Arreguín.

Mayor Arreguín is also a true champion of the environment and is the only mayoral candidate endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. He understands that solving the climate crisis requires bold action – because he took it. He helped set Berkeley’s goal of being fossil fuel free by 2030, and for more than a decade he’s done the real work of implementing a comprehensive and impactful Green New Deal for Berkeley. .

from Berkeley Climate action plan and resilience strategy articulate our goals: energy-efficient buildings, universal access to clean energy, support for alternative modes of transport and electric vehicles, acceleration of the implementation of our bicycle and pedestrian plans, zero waste, local food, a prepared community, connected and resilient, racial equity and climate justice. For each of these goals, Mayor Arreguín has been at the forefront, writing policies and launching programs that have had a significant impact. And thanks to his persistent work over many years, some of these goals have already been achieved.

A single example is the launch of East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), an agency he championed for many years, on whose board he now sits, and where he is largely responsible for securing the promise of clean, nuclear-free energy. The launch of EBCE is one of the most significant steps ever taken to reduce our GHG emissions at Berkeley, providing every home and business with 100% clean, renewable energy. Talking about a Green New Deal is the easy part. Its implementation requires the dedication, knowledge, skills and perseverance that our mayor has already demonstrated.

Mayor Arreguín’s record is extensive, but it’s not just his problem-solving and legislative work that leads us to believe he’s the best candidate for mayor. As colleagues, we appreciate how hard he works to represent all of Berkeley and build cordial, productive relationships on the City Council – and throughout the region. Mayor Arreguín is committed to finding consensus solutions that work for all of Berkeley and finds a way to vote unanimously on the vast majority of items before us.

Mayor Arreguín’s collaborative style and effective solutions have also won him the support of regional and state leaders. In addition to his work in Berkeley, Mayor Arreguín serves as president of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), which encompasses nine counties and 101 municipalities – from Cloverdale to Gilroy, from San Francisco to Dixon, and all the rest. He was elected president of ABAG unanimously – an impressive testament to the respect he has earned from over 100 mayors, councilors and county supervisors across the region.

Mayor Arreguín’s leadership at ABAG means Berkeley is at the forefront of regional collaboration to address housing, homelessness, economic inequality and climate change. He also has strong personal relationships with – and is endorsed by – Governor Gavin Newsom, former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, State Comptroller Betty Yee, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, Assemblyman Buffy Wicks and Overseer Keith Carson.

These important relationships take years to build, benefit the many at Berkeley, and cannot be replaced.

Good ideas are easy. It takes real leadership and experience to get things done. Mayor Arreguín has been an outstanding leader for Berkeley for 16 years. We appreciate the steady hand with which he led our city through difficult times and the bold and compassionate policies he offers. Please join us in voting to re-elect a dedicated, proven and effective mayor for all of Berkeley: Jesse Arreguín.

The authors are members of the Berkeley City Council representing neighborhoods in the city of Berkeley.

The authors are members of the Berkeley City Council representing neighborhoods in the City of Berkeley.