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Watch a monkey gently pet a chipmunk at the Mount Vernon Zoo in Maine

The spider monkey, Odette, is very nice and the chipmunk doesn’t seem panicked at all.

A visitor to DEW Haven captured a special moment between Odette, a spider monkey and a chipmunk. Odette has been with DEW Haven since 2018.

If you’ve ever seen a chipmunk, you know you see them for about 3 seconds before they take off in a nervous, nervous rush. But for some reason this little guy let a monkey pet him. This is so cute!

Dew Haven | Maine Zoo & Rescue was founded by Bob and Julie Miner, who built DEW Haven from the ground up starting as a farm in 1980 and turning it into a zoo and rescue. DEW is now home to over 200 animals from around the world. Bob and Julie live with the animals and dedicate their lives to them. They strive to educate the community with fun, educational and interactive tours, hoping to help people understand that the future of animals is everyone’s responsibility.

DEW Haven has had its fair share of controversy and fame. Especially at the same time. In 2014, DEW was part of a reality show on Animal Planet called Yankee Jungle.

The show was canceled due to...well, that’s where the debate begins. You can go down a rabbit hole watching the allegations that owners Bob and Julie flatly deny.

DEW Haven has its followers who have been going there for generations and love the zoo. There are others who claim to this day that animals are not happy. I guess you have to make that decision yourself, you should see it for yourself. They’re open and you might catch Odelle petting another chipmunk.

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