Personhood Florida chooses Jim Leavens over Lee Co. Sheriff

A leading anti-abortion group in Florida backs a candidate who tries to overthrow the Lee County sheriff.

The Personhood Florida PAC Approved Jim leaven, retired sheriff’s department major, in his main Republican challenge against the outgoing sheriff Jim leaven.

In a letter to the Leavens campaign, the organization said Leavens meets the criteria for its support. Leavens was among 65 for candidates in races across the state to receive group approval.

“As the only pro-life Republican candidate for Lee County sheriff, having the endorsement of Personhood Florida is very special to me,” Leavens wrote in a letter to supporters. “While the sheriff’s job should not be political, the person who is the sheriff should stand up for the value they say they hold.”

The statewide organization also approved Carmen McKinney, who will face the Republican candidate in the general election, whether Marceno or Leavens.

The Leavens campaign announced several other approvals on the same day, including one from the Chief Rabbi of the Messianic Synagogue El Ahava. Charles Edwards.

“I have always known him to be strong, respectable and trustworthy,” Edwards wrote in an open letter.

“I hold the conservative values ​​that so many pro-life Republicans hold,” Leavens added.

The approval may be most important such as a reprimand to a sheriff stationed in a conservative county. Marceno has been stubborn on matters concerning his personal life, encouraging an ex, who was a victim of crime, to go public with texts Marceno sent him to urge him. have an abortion.

If this has stirred up a party cult, the sheriff still holds a substantial advantage in financial resources. Since July 10, he raised $ 485,665 to Leavens’ $ 93,631.

Democrat Robert Neeld and independent Coach Ray are also running.

Leavens also won the backing of a congressional candidate Dan Severson, who also runs an anti-abortion campaign.

Veterans of the Sheriff’s Office, including the retired captain. Bradley Grossman and former employee Jonathan Laveur also supported Leavens for the office.

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