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Lahore Zoo Safari to be upgraded – Newspaper

LAHORE: The Punjab Wildlife Department will upgrade Lahore Zoo Safari on Raiwind Road to make it a big attraction.

Zoo Safari is home to 32 lions. The management expands the space by including a certain area in the lion safari reserved for ungulates.

Zoo Safari manager Tanveer Janjua told Dawn that a natural history museum would also be created on the safari for which consultants would be hired to determine the habitat and materials needed to create the history museum. natural.

He said a tram would also be introduced at the Zoo Safari, which would visit each cage and the key person through the PA system, educate visitors about the animals and birds. He said charge fishing at Safari Lake is already in place and a visitor can catch three fish for a fee of Rs 1,000. The lake is home to different kinds of fish. In addition, 48 surveillance cameras would be installed and e-ticketing would be introduced as part of the digitization program.

The safari is set on 242 acres. The management plans to build a perimeter wall around it to secure it. A new bird aviary would be established to introduce new trends as the aviary would have different species of parrots and the feeding stalls would be established outside the aviary.

Mr Janjua said visitors would buy food from the stalls and enter the aviary to feed the birds.

Posted in Dawn, July 19, 2022