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D&R Greenway Land Trust Announces Completion of Phase I of Carbon Sequestration Process to Slow Climate Change at St. Michaels Agricultural Reserve in Hopewell Z6uxs - ~ D

SCP will be bringing a small herd of cattle to selected fields this summer. This experiment replicates the grasses and healthy ecosystem processes that fed bison long ago in the western prairies. Cattle fed SCP’s fertilized forage grasses, fed soil rich in nutrients and minerals, are expected to produce significantly less methane than is typical today. The impact of cattle at St. Michaels Farm on the climate will be tested. Daniel Rubinstein, Ph.D., from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, will focus his research on the impact of this system on animals. Its expertise is based on the foraging, mating and social behavior of an animal. At St. Michaels Farm, Dr. Rubenstein will measure methane emissions, which are expected to be reduced as livestock consume nutrient-rich forage growth from pastures enriched in CPS.

The trails at St. Michaels Agricultural Preserve remain open as always and visitors are encouraged to take in the lush green views. D&R Greenway and SCP are requesting that later this summer, when the cattle arrive, walkers maintain a “Cattle Distance” of at least 6 feet from any fenced field where the cattle are grazing.

Amenities at the iconic D&R Greenway reserve have recently been upgraded with a new rustic three-sided bench structure, Jackson’s Place, atop the hill near the Charles Evans Overlook. Visitors can enjoy a wide view of the pollinator fields and Hopewell Borough from this vantage point, accessible from Aunt Molly Road or by crossing the creek on the trails from the main parking lot. The total reserve is 415 acres, with this scientific study taking place on a total of 60 acres.


D&R Greenway Land Trust, an accredited nonprofit organization, has saved over 22,000 acres of land in New Jersey since its founding in 1989. Preserving land for life and creating public trails offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy the great air. The land trust’s preserved farms and community gardens provide local organic food to neighbors, including those in need. The strategic conservation and stewardship of D&R Greenway lands combats climate change, protects wildlife and ensures safe drinking water for future generations. D&R Greenway’s mission is to connect the earth with people from all walks of life. D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center, home to its art galleries in Princeton, is closed to the public to ensure health and safety due to COVID.

Our outdoor paths and labyrinth are open. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and to learn more about the latest news and virtual programs from the organization. D&R Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place, Princeton NJ, 08540. The best way to contact D&R Greenway staff during the COVID pandemic is by email or by calling D&R Greenway at 609-578-7470.

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