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Critical lions show improvement at Vandalur Zoo


Currently, the zoo has eight lions that have tested positive for COVID; four lions are out of danger, which is asymptomatic. Two lionesses Kavitha (23) and Bhuvana (19) showed marked improvement, and the remaining two lions show symptoms intermittently.

“There is a development in the lions, which tested positive for COVID earlier this month. The two oldest lionesses Kavitha and Bhuvana were in critical condition and did not eat for a week. But in the past four days they have shown marked improvement and have started eating too. The general diet of the lions that we follow is 7 kg of meat and 1 kg of liver per day. Since they tested positive and they do not eat properly, we replaced them with chicken and mutton with the same amount according to the advice of doctors, but sometimes they shed a kilo and a half and only eat ‘at 70 percent,’ said a senior. official zoo.

However, the zoo has started to regularly feed the four lions, which are asymptomatic. Initially, they did not develop any symptoms for COVID, still testing positive for the virus. Recently, the zoo collected samples from these four lions and it was sent to the National Institute for High Security Diseases (NIHSAD) in Bhopal, pending the results.

Recently, Vandalur Zoo informed that four lions are being tested for Delta variants according to WHO nomenclature. The zoo official said: “We don’t yet know which four lions have tested positive for the delta variant of COVID-19. But we’re assuming all of them are the same variant, at least the ones hosted in the Lion Safari zone.

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