Covid stimulus bill is a socialist scam, and the Dems are trying to turn our nation into a one-party state – RT Op-ed

Look at the $ 1.9 Trillion Relief Bill and the HR1 Voting Rights Act, and you can see what Biden and Pelosi are doing: using people’s money to buy votes and make it nearly impossible. election of a Republican president again.

My message to the US regarding the so-called $ 1.9 trillion Covid stimulus package passed by the US Senate and now on its way back to the House before being sent to Joe Biden is of the highest order. importance.

This is no Covid relief except in a small shard. No, that’s political pork – and what a huge pork it is.

The Democrat-led Congress does not understand how America works or the importance of independent freedom to the individual. And most depressing of all is the fact that the government does not know what it is doing. Democratic policies discourage work and the independence it brings, encourage cradle-to-grave dependence on the state, and give birth to a gray and colorless world.

Plato predicted that, ultimately, when citizens raided the treasury, the democratic process will end with a dictator coming to end the chaos. Rome was the proof. I wonder who will be our “strong man”?

It’s your dollars that are wasted, distributed as political payments, largely to affluent states controlled by Democrats. California, already heading for a $ 19 billion surplus, gets 40 billion dollars of the $ 350 billion earmarked for states that apparently need help. But why – unless it’s to pay them to stay blue?

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It’s madness unfolding before our eyes. It might be good now, but as history has shown, the pain is on its way, fellow citizens! Better save those government checks for what lies ahead.

Some voices talk about the money allocated to the distribution of vaccines. But look at the remaining $ 1.7 trillion – it’s all bad for the economy and bad for jobs. There is nothing in this bill that stimulates the supply of the economy by producing goods and services.

This bill creates job losses of up to six million. Sadly, Democrats also voted to make these benefits tax-free, making welfare a better option than finding a job. Unfortunately, the government discourages autonomy. After the costly failure that was Obama’s $ 830 billion stimulus – the infamous “Ready-to-use projects” scam – Democrats doubled… in fact, almost tripled.

The simplest way to put it is that the socialist train continues to roll on and on, gaining momentum. The bill includes a $ 45 billion expansion of Obamacare, including new grants for people with six-figure incomes; $ 270 million to the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities; $ 4 billion for agriculture, including “Socially disadvantaged” Farmers; $ 50 million in environmental justice grants; $ 91 million in “Awareness of student borrowers”… And the list continues.

Like Pat Toomey, Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, commented: “This is not about Covid relief. It’s about using a health crisis as an excuse to go through a leftist wishlist.

You will have noticed that there was absolutely no bipartisanship with this bill – no Republican senator voted for it. Nor with the abominable Nancy Pelosi HR1 law, the radical voting bill that “sets” the electoral rules, and is a blatant, partisan attempt to turn America into a one-party nation ruled forever by Democrats. It undermines the constitution in an attempt to make it virtually impossible to re-elect a Republican president or congress.

He provides for, among other things, the automatic registration of voters on the same day, the restoration of the right to vote for those with a criminal record, and an expansion of early voting, postal voting and drop boxes for absentees. In other words, there will be no need for fraud in the next election, because cheating will be built in.

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These measures, HR1 and “Covid” relief, go hand in hand in the great vote-buying windfall of the Dems! But wait. There will be another $ 2 trillion for infrastructure, trillions to offset climate change, trillions for more out-of-pocket payments. In other words, Democrats are buying their way to a permanent majority. I hope the public is ready. Inflation and power shortages come next, followed by riots.

I get angry every time I think about it. I expected the Biden administration to be just a continuation of the first two years of Obama’s, but it’s the one on steroids. Who needs Republicans when you can stick your socialist wish list down everyone’s throats?

Remember their absurd argument that Obama’s policies failed just because he didn’t spend enough? They are determined not to make this “mistake” again. Think again about what the Dems are doing. The $ 1.9 trillion means they are borrowing $ 6,000 from every man, woman and child in this country to give some people 1,400 checks. This is the typical efficiency of the left government. It is not a relief, but rather a relief of our money.

The Federal Reserve acts as if it is printing money out of thin air via keys. No one gives him real money. The money it generates is based on the debt assets it purchases. He hits a few keys on a computer and buys a few trillions of treasury bills which now become his assets. And this magical money tree print serves primarily to inflate the prices of assets like stocks and housing.

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I remember a time when if you didn’t work there were negative consequences then everyone worked and took care of him and his family. Life was simple and we were happy. The people were generally nice and the politicians were in fact public servants. It would be nice to go back to those days.

Someday all that money will have to be paid back. The Chinese and those who live in emerging countries will not always buy our bonds or settle for a yield of less than 2% on a 10-year loan. European sovereign debt crisis demonstrated that a debt like this can be repaid for a long time out of public view, but when a crisis strikes, it suddenly happens.

Far too many Americans fail to realize the difference between “income” and “income” – that is, the government has no way of earning income, and the income generated by businesses and workers, are where governments get the money. And it is not “government money”, but money that is earned by workers, businesses and other taxable entities.

In 245 years, America has not become the greatest economic and military power the world has ever seen using revenues from public sources. It is the private sector, the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, who have generated the wealth to make us such a powerful nation, and who are funding the military to protect our country.

The Democratic Socialist Party does not really serve the American people. He is only serving himself and his quest to be “Eine Partie über alles”, and, ironically, using the people’s money to buy the votes of the people.

This is not going to end well.

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