California twins give birth to daughters on same day

FRESNO, Calif. — The twins are known to have magical bonds. They feel each other’s happiness and pain. They often like to do everything together.

But on Sunday evening at the Community Regional Medical Center, a group of local twins gave birth to girls on the same day.

Newborns Kendra Thao and Natalie Xiong plan to share every special moment of their lives together. Just like their mothers.

Bao Nhia Julia Yang and Bao Kou Julie Yang are identical twins with nearly identical names.

“I first found out I was pregnant, then I told her. She told me she might be pregnant too,” Bao Kou told Julie Yang.

It makes sense since these two grew up doing everything together. They always dressed the same way.

“Like dresses, pants, and t-shirts. All together. Yeah, all together,” Bao Nhia Julia Yang said.

Their deadlines were only two days apart. Bao Kou is six minutes younger than Bao Nhia but she was the first to give birth.

“I started on Saturday night, then she told me she was in pain too. Maybe she was seeing me, and I guess Sunday night she came,” Bao Khou said.

Baby Natalie was born first but Kendra was eager to join her cousin.

“I got mine at 6:59. And I got mine at 8:48 I think.”

The twins had not planned to have children at the same time.

“No, just a miracle happened,” Bao Nhia said.

Kendra’s older sisters were thrilled to see the new addition to their family. Mom had some advice for her twin sister who just gave birth to her first child.

“She is going to need a lot of rest because the baby is going to cry,” Bao Nhia said.

But at least they won’t be far apart.

“After the birth, when we both entered the room, they asked if we wanted to share a room since we were twins,” Bao Kou said.

Bao Kou and Bao Nhia cried when they were separated when they were children. Naturally, they had to share this special moment together.

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