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Abilene Zoo adds two striped hyenas | KTAB


ABILENE, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) – The Abilene Zoo is delighted to announce the arrival of two striped hyenas from the Fort Worth Zoo.

A male and female striped hyena has been temporarily moved from the Fort Worth Zoo to the Abilene Zoo.

Animal care staff will take care of the animals for about two years, while the Fort Worth Zoo is building a redesigned big cat habitat that is slated to open in the spring of 2023.

The male hyena is called Felix and the female is Farrah and both are 11 years old. They will be on display from Wednesday April 21, 2021 alongside the rhino and the lions.

“Typically silent, striped hyenas make giggling noises like me rather than the laughter of their cousin the spotted hyena,” said general curator Denise Ibarra. “The zoo has not presented any hyenas since 2009.”

Striped hyenas are related to the feline family despite many misconceptions about being dogs. Often referred to as the cleaning team, striped hyenas are scavengers whose diet varies depending on the season.

They have a powerful jaw and strong teeth with a broad head and pointy ears.

Their fur can range in color from fawn brown to gray, while their distinctive features include black stripes providing camouflage in African grasslands and a short, bushy ridge of fur along their spine.


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