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126 Cute and Dangerous Animals That Might Make You Say “Aww”

Dangerous or dangerously adorable? This is the question that has been on our minds since we discovered the existence of the online community “Hardcore AWW”. A subreddit with 333,000 internet users, r/hardcoreaww invites people to share photos of wild, proud and powerful animals that could destroy you in the blink of an eye if they wanted to, doing incredibly cute things.

The purpose of the subreddit isn’t just to melt our hearts with wholesome photos of gorgeous cheetahs, lions, wolves, and bears. The subreddit hopes to bring awareness to these large but lovable “hardcore” animals in hopes of protecting them and their habitats. All the photos shared are taken either in the natural habitats of the animals or in the wildlife sanctuaries, without any malicious interference from human beings.

We’ve rounded up some of the best photos from r/hardcoreaww to share with you Pandas, so go on, scroll down and check them out. Let us know which of these BIG, fierce, independent visitors you wouldn’t mind running around freely on your huge (theoretical) piece of land in the wild.

Have you ever worked with animal conservation? Do you volunteer with large animals? If so, tell us about your work in the comments. Mandatory warning of dangerous levels of cuteness ahead. Remember: Don’t pet the cubs (unless you don’t mind the nibbling and naming): Stick to upvotes and respectful admiration from a distance.

In the meantime, read on for bored panda interview with a representative of the Born Free Foundation, an international wildlife charity that protects wild animals in their natural habitat, campaigns against the keeping of wild animals in captivity and rescues wild animals in need. They explained why it’s vital that wild animals aren’t harmed in the pursuit of cute photos, and that we shouldn’t ignore the plight of endangered species that don’t look so adorable.